Origins and foundation
IIVELA was founded in the late thirties, initially focusing not only on the production of lubricating and emulsifying oils, but also on the development of cosmetics and detergents market-oriented product lines, well-known and appreciated in different regions of central Italy under VELA trademark.


vela lubeIIvela - Storia

The reconstruction of building stock after the end of the second world war laid the foundation for the development and formulation of building market oriented products, providing a wide range of mortar and cement additives and above all the first waterproofing products including IDROSTOP and VELAFONDO bituminous primer, whose special formulation paved the way for the production of modern liquid membranes, giving rise to our long lasting experience in the field of bituminous waterproofing products.


Due to growing customer trust and due to the results achieved in the field of knowledge and formulation of bitumen, the company devoted itself to research and development of formulations based on innovative technologies, using high performance raw materials, combined with a ten year experience in the field of production processes, thus achieving results with the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Due to the formulation and manufacturing of bituminous waterproofing products, IIVELA group has been chosen during the years and is still chosen as a reference partner for various large-sized companies asking for the formulation and production of high performance liquid waterproofing products.


The reason why our logo contains a double “i”


People often wonder why our logo contains a double “i”.

IIVELA is an acronym where each letter stands for a word and precisely: “Company manufacturing waterproofing products, emulsifiable paints and similar processes”.

The mark of origin with a single “i” standing for “company” refers to high production of first additives and coatings for building industry.

Due to the evolution of the latter leading to the formulation of veritable waterproofing products, even the logo evolved over the years and single “i” turned into double “i”, emphasizing the concept of core business strategies for the years to come, standing for “Company manufacturing waterproofing products”.