Product Description

Geotextile fabric which is only made up of synthetic fibres connected to each other by means of a needle punching process without using any glue or chemical binder. It doesn’t contain natural fibres and therefore it’s a rot proof product resistant to moulds, microorganisms or chemical agents normally contained in soil and above all it’s a non polluting product.

Suitable for protecting geomembranes against puncture and tearing due to the presence of sharp or rough objects encountered during the waterproofing of flat roofs, terraces, tunnels, watersheds, landfills, but also as a filtering layer for the construction of hanging gardens, sports fields, trench drains, landfills. Suitable as a separation layer between different types of materials for self-locking concrete block outdoor paving, casting of concrete foundations and when it is necessary to prevent contamination between different types of materials. If used at high grammage levels, a liquid or a gas can pass through it, having an important draining function in the construction of underground walls, cellars, landfills and tunnels. Fabric sheets should overlap by approximately 15 cm. Applicable at a temperature comprised between -40 and +100°C.
Available in standard grammages of 200 gr/m2 and in other grammages upon request.

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