Product Description

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UNII+ POLAR is a diffused reinforced waterproofing membrane based on hybrid copolymers in water dispersion with high resistance to water stagnation that combines all the characteristics required for new waterproofing works and for the restoration of existing ones.

The product has the excellent characteristics of UNII+, but improved, as it dries quickly even in the presence of 90% humidity and a rapid filming even at the lowest and coldest temperatures.

UNII+ POLAR is also a certified product, with CE marking in accordance with EC standards EN 1504-2 and EN 14891 and has the highest crack-bridging (ability to make a waterproof bridge over posthumous lesions) in its category (4.93 mm at +20°C and at low temperatures 2.47 mm). At -5°C it is classified DM O1 P including the optional chlorinated and basic water resistance tests).

Moreover, thanks to its very low capillary absorption, about 10 times lower than common two-component cementitious waterproofing products, the calibrated grain size curve and the mix of synthetic fibres, it is particularly suitable for domestic pedestrian traffic and resistant for all walkable surfaces.

✓Also applicabile even with high ambient humidity 90%.
✓With improved drying (+2°)
✓Resistant to snow, rain, fog and dew
✓High resistence to UV rays and degradation
✓Tileable and applicable also on ceramic coatings
✓Adheres perfectly to any non-absorbent surface without applying primer or adhesion promoters
✓10 times more waterproof than common cementitious waterproofing products
✓5 times more elastic than products of the same category (crack-bridging 4.93mm)

The product is suitable for continuous waterproofing (without joints) of terraces, flat and vaulted roofs, solar pavers, balconies, plasters, concrete, plastered chimneys, metal roofs, fibre cement sheets, wood; also suitable on bituminous membranes (after priming).

Ideal for bathrooms, shower cubicles and waterproof protection of environments with high humidity, it can be used for waterproofing existing floors even with poorly wettable surfaces such as porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles in general, and for the subsequent application of tiles by direct gluing with cementitious adhesives C2 or higher.

The particularly water-repellent nature of the polymer and the stable colours over time make it ideal for waterproofing to be left visible even on surfaces with irregular geometries.

Technical data sheet

Unii+ polar rev 0
Safety Data Sheet unii+ polar rev. 1

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