Velafondo Griperm primer bituminoso a base solvente


Product Description

VELAFONDO GRIPERM is an oxidized bitumen and solvent-based elastic bituminous paint with high adhesive properties. It’s a waterproofing, anti-dust and antirust product suitable for saturating porosity of concrete.

It can be used as a foundation primer for laying bituminous membranes, as a first waterproofing layer for retaining walls, vertical walls, eaves, flashings and gutters or as an antirust and protective paint for pipes, tanks and buried pilings.
Its specific gluing functions favour correct adhesion of bituminous membranes to the laying surface.
Unlike conventional primers, it provides increased adhesion to concrete slabs, highly reducing time of application of bituminous membranes and lower flame exposure allows it to keep unchanged its technical and physical characteristics, thus achieving top level laying results.

Technical data sheet

Velafondo Griperm rev 0.1 EN

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