UNIIBIT guaina liquida bituminosa


Product Description

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Liquid membrane in water dispersion based on bitumen modified with new generation polymers and selected fillers providing excellent adhesion to various kinds of surfaces, good resistance to standing water and excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.

The development of the new Grip Controll technology allows safe application of different kinds of overlapping coatings, such as levelling compounds and cement adhesives or polymer coatings of different nature such as REFLEX+. Product innovation consists of combining a waterproofing system having a high content of bituminous emulsions with systems of different nature so as to ensure safe waterproofing works with an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Suitable for waterproofing and protecting, both horizontally and vertically, concrete surfaces, metal, coatings, plasterboard, wood, cement surfaces, ceramic tiles, wooden roofs, balconies, terraces, foundations, bathrooms, showers, vases, flower pots and for the restoration of bitumen-polymer membranes.
Suitable for waterproofing ancient bituminous membranes and for the application of protective coatings such as REFLEX+ (COOL ROOF system), polymer and aluminium coatings.
UNIIBIT can be used before laying cement materials such as levelling compounds or coatings for the protection of foundations and cement mortar beds for flat or bent tiles on pitched roofs.
After drying, it forms an elastic and continuous film with neither seams nor overlaps providing the structures under treatment with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents in general and above all to UV rays with the application of REFLEX+.
UNIIBIT can be left exposed.
Occasionally walkable membrane (not for continuous traffic) with good resistance to standing water. It can be used as a valid alternative to flame application of prefabricated bituminous membranes.

Technical data sheet

Uniibit rev 0.2 EN

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