Unii+ Guaina Liquida Impermeabilizzante


Product Description

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New generation single component fibre-reinforced liquid membrane. Due to the hybrid nature of emulsion polymers, it can be applied to almost any existing surface, acting as a waterproofing layer to be applied to the existing floors, even if extremely smooth, or under the tiles, which can be bonded directly to the waterproofing membrane by means of adhesives (according to EN 14891). Unlike common cementitious waterproofing products, it provides an increased level of elasticity and resistance to atmospheric agents, ageing and UV rays. Due to the mineral fillers selected and the chemical nature of polymers, the surface of the film is suitable as an adhesion promoter for any kind of cement mix.

Due to water repellent characteristics of polymers and special additives, it is suitable for waterproofing surfaces coming in contact with moisture such as shower cabins, bathrooms, balconies and terraces. It can be perfectly adapted to any surface of complex geometry. It is available in various colours and is suitable for treatments also requiring good aesthetic results.



Technical data sheet

Unii+ rev 3 EN

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